Month: September 2016

Which really came first, the ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ film or novel?

Before the first strains of Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra echoed in movie theaters (and the public consciousness for decades to come), 2001: A Space Odyssey was a novel by Arthur C. Clarke. Stanley Kubrick made a lot… Read More

Aunt Spots An Old $20 Desk Online And Transforms It Into A Sandpit Play Area For Her Niece

For those of us who like to refurbish or repurpose old furniture, it can be like a treasure hunt when trying to find the perfect source material. But once you do find it either on Craigslist, at a… Read More

GoPro Hot Wheels Car Goes on Epic Joyride

Using ‘teleporting tunnels’ and creative editing, this POV Hot Wheels ride combines 8 different track sections into one epic joyride. In the video description, the team at 5MadMovieMakers add: Each section worked on its own from tunnel to… Read More

This Amazing Toy Line Shows That Boys Of Color Need Dolls, Too

Jennifer Pierre is flipping the notion that dolls are only for girls upside down with her new line, Melanites. Pierre, who works closely with young boys of color, created Melanites to destroy stereotypes that constrict what masculinity can… Read More