Month: February 2017

If You Have One Of These Toys In Your House, You May Want To Stop Using It

Sloppy data security practices at a toy company that sells a line of internet-connected stuffed animals has exposed the personal information of more than 800,000 customers,and some 2 million voice recordings many of them from children. Online security… Read More

Titanic Came Out 20 Years Ago And So Did These Other Films!

Time flies when watching a movie requires going through 2 VHS tapes! It’s been 84 20 years since Kate Winslet let Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death in the Atlantic ocean in Titanic — and our hearts never quite… Read More

Young Man Takes Selfie, Then Raises Camera To Reveal Hes Standing On Terrifyingly High Tower

Everyone has different hobbies. Some people like to play sports, others like to play instruments, or watch movies, or work out. In the case of 18-year-old Alexander Nomernoy, a hobby means risking hislife in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime… Read More

The bounty hunter from Brechin – BBC News

Image copyright Mentorn Scotland Christian moved to the US seven years ago to track down his American father. He had been getting into a lot of trouble at home and could not get a job. “Plus I thought… Read More

Super Bowl commercials: best and worst of 2017

Whether they were packed with celebrities or hinted at the political climate, here are the Super Bowl ads that made a splash this year Super Bowl 51 offered a bounty of commercials some good, some not so good…. Read More