Month: December 2017

Sky News faces uncertain future

Now it seems that Sky News could fall into Disney’s hands as a result of this latest piece of corporate wheeler-dealing. After all, Fox’s efforts to take over Sky become less politically sensitive if the Murdoch family’s existing… Read More

Its a Living: Meet One of New Yorks Best Professional D&D Dungeon Masters

One of Timm Woods’ most precious possessions looks like something you’d find in the basement of a derelict castle, or maybe at a back-of-the-mall magic shop: It’s a notebook bound in leatherlike skin, covered with an upside-down, faux-gold… Read More

FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

Since being designated FCC chair by President Donald Trump in January, Pai has prioritized gutting the net neutrality provisions enacted by the Obama administration in 2015. The move, long sought by internet providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon… Read More