47 Famous Movie Scenes Before-And-After Special Effects

We are not always privy to certain facts about our favorite films. All we see is the finished product. That’s why it is important to take the time to learn more about how they come together. The CGI that was used for these scenes is a sight to behold….

1. Look what she was petting!

2. Just try to look at this before and after from the Twilight saga without laughing.

3. You won’t ever see Guardians of the Galaxy the same way after this.

4. Lord of the Rings aficionados will be impressed by the transformation that the CGI crew was able to pull off here.


5. How actors are able to forget that they are standing in front of a green screen for shots like these is beyond us.

6. We often wondered how they achieved the realistic universe that Gravity was able to pull off. Kudos to Sandra Bullock and the CGI team.

7. This is an iconic shot and this is before the big green guy even comes into the picture.

8. Creating an ancient universe that looks this real is certainly no mean feat.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road fans won’t be able to believe their eyes when they see this green screen transformation.

10. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is one of our favorites and this shot only makes us love it even more.

11. Creating a television universe that resembles the Roaring Twenties is not easy and the creators of Boardwalk Empire needed an assist from their CGI team.

12. We’re not sure how they create these types of explosions with the use of CGI but they sure are entertaining to watch.

13. Give it up to James Franco for being able to sell this scene to audiences everywhere.

14. We’ll never watch The Hobbit the same way again.

15. Turning a back lot into a whole cinematic universe is no mean feat.

16. Creating an entire screaming crowd out of thin air is just one of the many reasons why CGI teams make the big bucks.

17. Ryan Reynolds never breaks character….even in front of a green screen.

18. The amount of concentration it takes to pull off a scene like this one is incredible.

19. Even Grey’s Anatomy relies on these types of neat tricks.

20. The CGI enhancement for this scene is just otherworldly.

21. Life of Pi stuck out in our minds long after watching and scenes like this are the reason why.

Life of Pi stuck out in our minds long after watching and scenes like this are the reason why.

22. This really takes some of the glamour out of some of our favorite superhero movies.

23. Even Wolf of Wall Street relied on CGI for certain scenes…

24. Just look at the concentration on Sandra Bullock’s face.

25. Creating the New York City of old is not easy but this CGI team pulled it off.

26. The iron suit isn’t real? Color us stunned!

27. These comparison shots really put Wizard of Oz into perspective.

28. Michael Bay and the CGI crew are true wizards and we won’t be told otherwise.

29. Alice In Wonderland will never look the same to us.

30. So THAT’s how they created Lieutenant Dan’s signature look.

31. District 9 viewers are going to be stunned by this shot.

32. Hunger Games lovers will be taken aback by the transformation this CGI team created.

33. Shout out to Industrial Light and Magic for this one.

34. How filmmakers can create these scenes out of thin air is beyond what we can comprehend.

35. So this is what The Hulk looks like pre CGI?

36. This is a nice reversal of the other CGI shots.

37. Cap to the rescue!

38. Black Widow taking a piggyback ride is just too much for us to bear.

39. This Thor/Hulk “fight” is just too funny.

40. The Matrix Reloaded required some complex shooting to pull off their legendary gun battles.

41. 300 lovers will appreciate this shot.

42. Andy Serkins is one hell of an actor.

43. To be a fly on the wall for this one….

44. The work that is done on the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean films is flawless.

45. Daniel Radcliffe deserves a great deal of the credit here as well.

46. So they didn’t paint themselves blue for Avatar? You learn something new every day.

47. And this is how it used to be done back in the day!

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