SAG awards: Hidden Figures and Stranger Things win big as actors get political

Screen Actors Guild gave top prizes to the stars of the fact-based Nasa drama and the sci-fi show while powerful speeches against Donald Trump took center stage

The stars of Hidden Figures and Stranger Things were the big winners at this years Screen Actors Guild awards while political speeches dominated the evening.

The cast of the drama based on a true story about three women who played an integral role at Nasa won the big prize of the night for best ensemble in a motion picture. Accepting the award, star Taraji P Henson said: This story is of unity and this story is about what happens when we put our differences aside … Love wins.

Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae accept their award for Cast in a Motion Picture for Hidden Figures during the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

One of the films stars, Mahershala Ali, won the award for best supporting actor for his role in Moonlight, while Claire Foy and John Lithgow both won dramatic television awards for roles in the Netflix hit The Crown and the cast of Stranger Things won for best ensemble in a drama series.

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in the 80s-set adventure, gave a rousing speech on the importance of inclusion. We will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no home, he said. We will get past the lies. We will hunt monsters. And when we are at a loss amidst the hypocrisy and casual violence of certain individuals and institutions, we will, as per Chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy what we have envisioned for ourselves and the marginalized.

SAG Awards (@SAGawards)

Mahershala Ali of @moonlightmov #sagawards

January 30, 2017

A visibly upset Ali, who remains the firm favorite to win an Oscar next month, delivered an emotional and topical speech about acceptance. What Ive learned from working on Moonlight is seeing what happens when you persecute people, he said. He talked about converting to Islam yet maintaining a close relationship with his mother, an ordained minister, and begged people to also put aside their religious differences.

Emma Stone won the award for best female actor in a lead role for La La Land and after discussing her insecurity in her profession, she spoke about the importance of bringing joy to people given that were in a really tricky time at the moment in our country. Denzel Washington received the award for best male actor in a leading role for his role in Fences after many predicted Manchester by the Sea star Casey Affleck would win. Washingtons co-star, Viola Davis, was the nights other big screen winner, named best female actor in a supporting role and she dedicated her award to playwright August Wilson for honoring the average man.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the award for best female actor in a comedy series for Veep and made jabs at the vote being hacked by the Russians as well as the crowd size at the event itself. She also made a passionate reference to Donald Trumps controversial executive order on immigration. This immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-American, she said before reading out an official statement on the matter from the Writers Guild of America.

The 37-strong cast of Orange Is the New Black won the prize for ensemble in a comedy series for the third time. Taylor Schilling led a speech that reminded the audience that they represented generations of people who have sought a better life here.

Sarah Paulson accepts the award for performance by a female actor in a television movie or limited series. Photograph: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Sarah Paulson picked up the award for best female actor in a television movie or limited series for The People vs OJ Simpson and gave a plea for people to donate to the ACLU to protect the rights and liberties of people across this country. Backstage she added: Silence is not golden at this time.

Bryan Cranston, winning for his role as Lyndon B Johnson in the television movie All the Way, also spoke about Trumps presidency. Im often asked how would LBJ think about Donald Trump, he said. I honestly feel that 36 would put his arm around 45 and earnestly wish him success and also whisper in his ear something … Just dont piss in the soup that all of us gotta eat.

John Lithgows role as Winston Churchill in breakout Netflix drama The Crown won him the award for best actor in a drama series and after thanking those involved in the show, he also thanked Meryl Streep. He said her Golden Globes speech, where she criticized Trumps bullying tactics, represented his exact thoughts.

The awards act as a strong indicator of success at the Academy awards, taking place on 26 February. Earlier this week, La La Land scored 14 nominations while Arrival and Moonlight followed with eight each.

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Firefighters Run Out On Thin Ice, Then Camera Reveals A Dog Fell In

Hopefully you can only relate to the experience of fallingthrough an iced-over lake or pond thanks tomovies and TV shows. The classic filmLittle Womencontains one of thescariest such scenes, but the unfortunate truth is that these things happen in real life.

Falling through ice can be deadly, and most likely becomes one of the most horrifying experiences of a person’s life. The water is so cold you’re unable to move after a short period of time, and if you’re sucked under an iced-over area you’ll struggle to make it back to where you fell in.

The thought of something like this happening to anyone is horrifying, but can you imagine finding your beloved and helpless dogstuck in this situation?

That’s exactly what happened to this terrified golden retriever. He fell beneath the ice and the White Lake Michigan Fire Authority came to his rescue in the nick of time.

Thankfully someone saw the dog and called the authorities, otherwise, this 14-year-old dog might not have made it.

He went in about 100 yards from shore. Threefirefighters tethered out to him on a rope and saved his life.

Today he’s back with his family, but he’s still dealing with medical issues. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery!

Due to restrictions, this video cannot
be viewed in your region.

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90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching!

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Illustrator Turns Strangers Into Anime Characters

American artist Robert DeJesus continues to transform strangers’ photos into anime versions of themselves (previously here) and we thought it’s high time to look at his new works.”I got into drawing and Anime during high school,” DeJesus told Bored Panda. “Dr. Slump and Akira were my very first manga I owned and collected.”

Show Full Text

“Years later, when I started attending anime/manga shows as a guest around the US, the Anime caricatures became a favorite with my followers and since then I kept making them.” Now, Robert offers custom portraits on his eBay store, where people can participate in auctions if they want a personal piece. “I wish I could draw all of [the requests], but I fear I’ll get burned out trying. My plan was to do these as a side thing to help fund the other projects I am also dying to work on.”




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Review: Furby Connect

People of Earth, Furby has returned. And its beady eyes are aimed at your wallet.


For those not in the know, the original Furby was the Christmas gift of 1998, an animatronic, Mogwai-like fuzzball that spoke its own language when it wasn’tmaking rude noises. Like all fads, Furby was dying before its second birthday, and gone by 2002.


But wait! Furby returnedwith an upgrade in 2005, andagain in 2012. New versions have launched eachyear since. The $100 Furby Connectisthe most recent edition.

As with all Furbies, the Connect is plush and effusive and so annoying that one simply cannot comprehend its enduring popularity. It is designed for nostalgic hipsters and small children (6 and up per the box), andany parent who purchases one for their tyke is setting themselves up for immediatepsychological ruin. Let me put it this way:In my 25-plus years of writing about tech, thisis the only device I’ve tested that left my entire family pleading with me to turn it off within minutes of unboxing. Let me put it another way: Google “Furby” and the top question in the “People also ask” section is, “How do you turn off a Furby?”

And let me tell you: It is freakin’ hard to turn off a Furby.

Discretion has never been Furby’s strong suit. He hollers in pidgin English (aka “Furbish”) in an especially loud and shrill voice about nothing in particular, begs to be played with or sung to, and incessantly wiggles about like a kid jonesing on too many Froot Loops. There is no power button. With the Furby Connect, the toy ships with a “sleep mask,” which, when positioned perfectly eventually shuts the thing up. This is not instantaneous, however, taking as long as10 seconds to kick in. If you’ve slightly misaligned the mask or find yourself at all inebriated, Furby won’t go down at all, and you maywell fear that Furby has become self-aware and refusing toobey instruction, at least for the six hours of play time that four AA batteries will supply.

Of course, one Furby is buta gateway to a whole pack of them. Multiple Furbies will talk, sing, and fart in unison. The toy also is a gateway to the even more nefarious side of the Furbyverse: Furby Connect World, a mobile app that lets your Bluetooth-enabled Furby interact with a rudimentary video game designed for the 8-and-under set. Furby Connect World is a game where you hatch Furbies—dozens of them if you stick with it—and put them to work like virtual (yet cuddly) slaves. The reward? More Furbies, all of which mustbe exhaustingly fed, cleaned, and medicated in the increasingly chaotic virtual world. Your real Furby can even take an e-shit on a massive toilet that speaks volumes about the target audience for this game.

Paired properly via Bluetooth (which was not always a given in my testing), your real-world Furby will offer a running commentary about the goings on in the virtual-world game, hollering and screeching and laughing at the same damn thing, over and over. The game is playable without a real-world Furby, but doing so activates a Freemium version of the game. Some of the upgrades cost a pretty penny—so think carefully before handing your phone over to Junior.

I want to be clear: I’m not saying the Furby Connect is a bad product. It does exactly what it says it will do. What I am saying is that if you allow one in your home, you are mentally deranged.

To my family, I apologize deeply. That is all.


2/10 – Sad, really.

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Army of One: Inside Nicolas Cages Insane Osama bin Laden Movie

The inimitable Nic Cage plays Gary Faulknera samurai sword-wielding man who travels to Pakistan on a mission from God to capture Osama bin laden. And yes, this really happened. “>

The wild tale of Gary Brooks Faulkner, the 50-year-old Colorado construction worker who ventured into Pakistan to capture Osama bin Laden armed with a samurai sword and a mission from God, is a stranger-than-fiction story so bizarre its no wonder Hollywood snapped up the rights to turn it into a film.

When that film stars the one and only Nicolas Cage as the bespectacled hash-smoking Christian part-time handyman ex-con given to manic verbal diarrhea and fantastical delusions of grandeur, Faulkners eccentric life story zooms way past verisimilitude, speeding all the way back around to the kind of wonderfully insane art form in itself that we see too rarely from movie stars these days. Is it a bad performance? Is it good? Whatisgood, really, when Cage opts to put seriousness aside and embrace the crazy-eyed kookiness we love him for?

In other words: Cages star turn inArmy of One, directed by deadpan auteur Larry Charles (Borat), is right up there with the Nic Cagiest of Nic Cage roles. You might say it falls somewhere on the Cage spectrum between the coked-up cop antihero ofBad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleansand his impersonation of Charlie Kaufman inAdaptation. Brit comedy bad boy Russell Brand plays God, which should give you an idea of how serious and straight-faced an undertaking this is.

This is a film that lets Cage run rampant in nearly every scene like a bull in a china shop, which can admittedly become exhausting. And yet it captures the undercurrent of well-meaning humanity that drove the erratic, abrasive, but kind of lovable weirdo who truly believed he was doing the Lords work by bringing bin Laden to justice. (And, owing to a prior kidney condition, was supposed to be on dialysis treatment three times a week.)

Army of Oneis also a movie in which Nicolas Cage as Gary Faulkner, who returned home a media darling and famously made the talk show rounds, revels in the attentionand delights at the thought of Nicolas Cage playing him in a movie.


Its almost a shame how unceremoniously this gem of a Cage performance is being dumped into a mostly digital release by the Weinsteins (who have executive producer credits). Perhaps true Cage fans will catch it on VOD, in the privacy of their own homes, where no one can see you cackle at the sight of Nicolas Cage, gray beard and long ponytail, waxing poetic about chicken wings and lecturing strangers on how to buy toilets at Home Depot, delivering lines like They dont call me the psychic wizard for nothin! with nasally, wild-eyed gusto.

The real-life saga of Faulkners one-man odyssey was an epic misadventure for the ages. After getting the idea to hunt down Osama from God in a dream in 2004, the Greeley, Colorado, native made several attempts to travel to the Middle East. They included buying a 21-foot yacht he had no idea how to operate, which he planned to sail halfway across the globe in with no life jackets, no safety kit, and no training. He set off from San Diego and made it as far as Mexico before a hurricane wrecked it and sent him home early.

Another failed boat trip later and Faulkner graduated to flying, still with no conceivable plans for traveling in a foreign land. By the time he actually made it to Pakistan for the first time, according to the film, he spent a month wandering the slums of Islamabad, having a blast, and entertaining the locals. But he was no closer to finding al-Qaedas leader and sending him to America to face retribution.

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The strangest, sickest and scariest midnight movies ever

Depraved new shocker The Greasy Strangler recalls a tradition of late night cult favorites, full of severed limbs, psychedelia and fecal matter

The Greasy Strangler hits the big screen this week and is a strange, grisly homage to cult films and to the midnight moviegoing tradition. From the mad, the bad and the weird, the shocking to the surreal, here are a few of the late-night movies that set the scene for greasy strangling.

El Topo

With El Topo, Alejandro Jodorowsky did not think hed simulated a psychedelic experience, he believed hed created the psychedelic itself. It was the first midnight movie, an acid western and an eastern, an experiment in cinematic alchemy featuring occult symbols, castration, self-immolation, a man savoring the taste of a high-heeled shoe, a game of Russian roulette played in church. To the uninitiated El Topo was confounding, but to its devotees, it was a religious experience, like midnight mass with more marijuana.

Pink Flamingos

A film about characters vying for the title of the filthiest person alive. As its tagline suggests, Pink Flamingos was an exercise in poor taste, but it was also a celebration of the outr, a tribute to freaks, degenerates, rejects, anyone whos ever lived in a crib and really loved eggs. It existed outside the system, beyond the fringe, beyond pornography according to New York magazine. It established Divine as a cult icon and defined the midnight movie. Pink Phlegm-ingo Barf Bags were distributed at screenings if anyone vomited during the film, John Waters considered it a standing ovation.

Enter the Dragon

It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory. Enter the Dragon dropped Bruce Lee into a James Bond storyline, one with no guns and a whole lot more ass-kicking. It introduced Jim Kelly as a black power hero who beats up racist cops trying to keep him from the martial arts tournament where the film takes place. It brought the kung fu craze to America, graced us with the legendary cool of Lee, and taught us the art of fighting without fighting.


Dario Argentos Suspiria is a fairytale about a womens ballet academy run by witches where students die more often than dance. Like all great midnight movies, it ushers us into another world, one governed by dream logic. The hypnotic pull of danger drives its plot, as inexorable as a nightmare with images to match: a woman running through the woods, a blue-lit room inexplicably filled with coiled wire, yellow eyes watching in the dark, a McDonalds in Germany. Its a fairytale influenced by Bluebeard, Snow White and stories of witchcraft recounted by co-writer Daria Nicolodis grandmother.

The Warriors

The Warriors is Walter Hills modern Odyssey. The one and only Cyrus seeks to unite all the gangs in New York City, and delegates from these gangs come together to hear him speak. But hes shot and killed, and the Warriors are framed. Hill presents these criminal protagonists as classical heroes as they traverse the dreamscape of their city and battle their way home from the Bronx to Coney Island. Pauline Kael wrote that The Warriors communicated the anger of the dispossessed, but it also showed us their heart, their valor, and their cool leather vests.

Ms 45

A woman dressed as a nun kisses a bullet alone in front of her mirror, then aims a gun at an unseen enemy. This is Abel Ferraras Ms 45, also known as Angel of Vengeance. Zo Tamerlis Lund plays mute seamstress Thana, a woman raped twice in the same afternoon, who kills one of her attackers and keeps his gun. Ferrara and Lund bring humanity to Thana, choosing not to play her like a maniac but a woman dealing with PTSD. Ms 45 is like Death Wish from a womans perspective, the Platonic ideal of rape-revenge movies, and a powerful indictment of male violence.

Evil Dead II

In Sam Raimis revision of The Evil Dead, an ancient evil is unleashed in a cabin in the woods when passages are read from the Book of the Dead, and Bruce Campbells iconic hero Ash descends into madness and Kandarian demons. Evil Dead II had more humor and pathos than its predecessor: Ash kills his girlfriend when she becomes possessed and then he must fight his own hand and sever it with a chainsaw after it turns against him in a balletic, slapstick one-man show. Its The Three Stooges meets the Grand Guignol to create ingenious postmodern horror.

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One proposed script for a ‘Beetlejuice’ sequel was set in Hawaii

You asked for it and here it is: What’s a better way to follow-up the Things You Didn’t Know About Edward Scissorhands than with another Tim Burton film? The 1988 classic Beetlejuice contains more secrets than we thought to conjure up.

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BMW Films are back to wow a new generation of potential car lovers

Probably the first time I saw Clive Owen, it was in a film commissioned by BMW to advertise its cars. At the time, I didnt really care all that much about cars (I had one, and it was fine, and that was all I needed to know about that) but these short movies still had a considerable impact on me, mostly because they were so well-made.

The original series starred Owen as the The Driver, an otherwise unnamed protagonist with a flare for fine wheel work. They also starred BMW cars, which were very capable co-stars when paired with Owens keen ability to whip vehicles around in ways that frustrate opponents and get hard jobs done with a maximum of cool. The originals also featured a steady stream of star directors and on-screen talent, including then-power couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie.


Owens stoic Driver makes a return these many years later, having aged better than myself, and hes going on adventures with a new cast that includes standouts like Jon Bernthal (The Punisher from Netflixs Daredevil), Dakota Fanning and Vera Farmiga. The Escape isdirected by Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame, which means itll probably be better than most of the things youd pay $10 or more to go see in theaters today.

The Escapes inaugural episode (assuming there are more than one) will debut on October 23, which is just over a month away. If you didnt catch the original and are wondering what all the fuss is about, or you just want to relive the magic,check out this full playlistof The Hire on YouTube.

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Which really came first, the ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ film or novel?

Before the first strains of Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra echoed in movie theaters (and the public consciousness for decades to come), 2001: A Space Odyssey was a novel by Arthur C. Clarke. Stanley Kubrick made a lot of adjustments in his adaptation, and well give you the full tour.

2001: A Space Odyssey is a landmark in visual and cinematic storytelling, but it was a book first or not first, or simultaneously? We’re not sure. So, how did the story get from the stage to the screen? There were a lot of changes involved.

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